Cafecito en la Escuela

Posted by Rosa Angelica Castañeda in Events on March 14, 2017

Café, pan dulce, chocolate, convio, gente y comunidad. This is Cafecito at the School of Arts and Culture at MHP. For the past two months, the School of Arts and Culture has hosted a monthly Cafecito, a pop-up cafe as a third space for people to come together, dialogue and be exposed to community resources in a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

The Mayfair Neighborhood lacks a cafe-type setting for community members to hang out. Other spaces to convene in this type of setting are far away such as the Portuguese cafe on 33rd Street, and the two Starbucks a mile away. Cafecito, serves exactly this purpose, to create a space where people can convene in their own neighborhood.

Cafecito is part of the Celebrate Mayfair Project, a project of the School of Arts and Culture to connect residents through arts and cultural experiences. Part of the project’s purpose is to connect residents to one another and to connect them to resources in the community — and what better way than to create a platform over coffee and chocolate to do just this!

Each Cafecito is hosted by a community agency to present their resources to the day’s attendees. The hosting group members have the opportunity to interact with people as they serve café y chocolate, and give a brief introduction to what their organization is. The first event was hosted by the School of Arts and Culture’s Arts Education staff. The second was hosted by Veggielution, and the March 23 cafecito will be hosted by the Mayfair Neighborhood Association Committee.

Grandparents, parents, youth, and children make up the crowd at Cafecito. The lively atmosphere, the welcoming energy, and harmonious decorations transform the facility’s gallery into a vibrant space.

For the past two Cafecitos, artists from the community, including the  surrounding neighborhoods, have come to share their talents during the open mic hour. The presentations range from classical guitar, spoken word poetry and short stories, and original compositions.

Join us at our next Cafecito on Thursday, March 23, at the School of Arts and Culture’s gallery from 5-9pm. Invite your friends and enjoy an afternoon of convivo at Cafecito en La Escuela.